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Woman's Day is an American women's magazine that covers such topics as homemaking, food, nutrition, physical fitness, physical attractiveness, and fashion. The print edition is one of the Seven Sisters magazines. The magazine was first published in 1931 by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company; the current publisher is Hearst Corporation.

Woman's Day magazine is a waste of money, it has more ads than content according to Ben F. on amazon.com

"No exaggeration its 90% drug ads and a teenie tiny little itty bitty bit of content. Huge disappointment and waste of money. I might make a video to save others from making the mistake of paying to read drug ads, that's how pissed I am. I really cannot believe how little there is to this magazine besides these ads"


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Anonymous says

"Ordered Items, Paid them, Hermes Versand send items to wrong address, Hermes Versand send items back to Flaconi because they don't want to wait a day to bring the products to the right address, Flaconi doesn't want to send the product again, because the Customer Support Agent doesn't seem to understand German. Best Customer Experience Ever"

Scorpion King says

"The service is not only abysmal but the shop has cheap standards. I bought 500 Euros(mostly Creed) worth of perfumes from this shop and they cheaped out on sending the 2 free samples promised with the order. I ordered the same last year from France and i was sent more than 10 samples of different Creed brand, something they don't even promise. Guess where will I be buying my perfumes next time. It's the service and promise that matters. If I can pay 500 Euros I would really care less about the samples but the silence on the matter even when I wrote back irked me. This clearly shows the cheapness built into this brand. I wonder if they are even selling legit product now."

Alexandra Daniliuc says

"I really had high hopes . But unfortunatelly, its bad . I have ordered an Etro Paisley perfume ... I had one before this , and I liked so much that I needed to order another one . Its not the same smell at all.. not even close . Its a well made fake , I have checked the bottle and the box ... At first sight you can’t tell its not an original .. only if you check the details closely. I won’t buy again from this website . Douglas its far better . Don’t waste your money on fake.. Such a waste of money."

Lucy says

"My product arrived broken and used. Unbelievable. They haven’t replied to my emails. This is a totally unreliable service."

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